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"Alexander Family Dentistry continues to delight me! The ENTIRE staff, as well as Dr. Alexander provide not just an extremely professional environment, but a soothing and nurturing one as well. The name is perfect...Alexander Family Dentistry...as you indeed feel like family!" - Omar Mustakeem

"Dr. Alexander is a calming influence and carefully explains each step during a procedure so that patients know exactly what to expect. Highly recommend if you live in and around the Smyrna area!" - Brent Lancaster

"This is such an amazing practice. I love Dr. Alexander, she's an expert at what she does and makes me feel completely at ease with her confidence and knowledge as a Dentist. Dr. Alexander's staff are just as amazing, they always make me feel right at home and take care of me from the moment I walk in the door. I'm completely satisfied with all services. Thank you!" - Dr. Sheila Williams

"Very kind, professional, and fair. I felt well cared for while at my visit!" - Chemere Francis

"I was so impressed by the personalized and professional service of the people in this office." - Amy Rabideau

"I've worked in healthcare for over 15 years and I think because of that I'm very particular about whom I choose as my healthcare provider. Dr. Alexander impressed me not only with her clinical knowledge but also by how she took the time to sit down with me and explain her philosophy to dental care and review my treatment options. Dr. Alexander and her staff made me feel like part of my treatment plan at every step and more comfortable than any trip I've had to the Dentist in the past." - Kenny Heffernan

"Dr. Alexander and her staff do an excellent job of making sure their patients are comfortable and relaxed during all appointments. I have always disliked going to the dentist and have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going. However, I don't feel this way when I got to Dr. Alexander. She, along with her staff, is very gently and does all she/ they can to put you at ease. She is also very thorough in everything she does. She ensures that you understand what is going to happen, what work you need to be done and why. I highly recommend Alexander Family Dentistry." - Ann Gabbert

"Great staff and gorgeous facility. I would highly recommend this dental practice!" - Jamie Mopa

"I had an appointment with Dr. Alexander today, and I can say hands down, it was the best dental experience I've ever had. From start to finish. I haven't been to the dentists in 12 years because my employment did not offer dental insurance. So, I was nervous about going. Annette, the front receptionist, greeted me by name when I walked through the door. She already had most of my paperwork filled out when I arrived from our phone conversation. She made me feel like I had chosen the right place just from speaking to her before I even made it to the back. I was taken back by Lauren, my hygienist. She took X-rays and explained everything she was doing in detail. She was kind and made sure I was okay during the entire process. Miranda, the dental assistant, stopped by to check on me and even offered me a bottle of water and asked if I needed anything and if I was comfortable. Dr. Alexander came in and was so sweet! She was not judgemental, in fact, quite the opposite. She did not push unnecessary treatment. Her demeanor was so soothing and it took away any anxiety I was feeling. She explained everything I would need to have done and made sure that I understood and had no worries or concerns. I left there excited to come back and see them! Lol. Thanks so much to the entire staff!"- Amy Middlebrooks

"Friendly and attentive. Very understanding of previous issues with other treatments." - Heather Winters

"Love the atmosphere and Dr. Alexander and her staff are amazing glad I found this place." - Mohammed Samman

"I have moved around the Southeast quite a bit over the past 20 years and I've discovered that it's really hard to find a mechanic you can trust and a really good Dentist. I've lived in New Orleans, Houston, Orlando, Nashville, Tampa, & now Atlanta and Dr. Alexander is by far the best Dentist that I've found. That says a lot since my Uncle was the legendary Dr. Allan Rappold from New Orleans who was on the faculty at LSU School of Dentistry. What separates Dr. Alexander from her peers is her bedside manner and her eye for perfection. Dentistry is an art and a science and it's truly a gift to find a dentist with both sets of skills. She is an excellent cosmetic dentist which is like being a sculptor on a much smaller scale. Dr. Alexander and her staff are polite, hard-working, and they always put the patients needs first. More importantly, they have created a relaxing atmosphere of Zen that certainly gives her patients something to smile about. I don't think that 5 stars isn't a high enough rating for the quality of care you'll receive at Alexander Family Dentistry" -Darrell Smith

"The office easily exceeded my expectations for dental care. I am so glad I chose Dr. Alexander and to be part of the Alexander family. I truly was so impressed by my dental tech who was genuinely and sincerely concerned with ensuring my comfort and understanding of everything that was happening or going to happen. Additionally, Dr. Alexander was a pleasure to deal with and she truly was interested in making sure I received everything I was looking for in my dental care." - Emily Jobe

"Dr. Alexander and her staff do an excellent job of making sure their patients are comfortable and relaxed during all appointments. I have always disliked going to the dentist and have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going. However, I don't feel this way when I go to Dr. Alexander. She, along with her staff, is very gentle and does all she/they can to put you at ease. She is also very thorough in everything she does. She ensures that you understand what is going to happen, what work you need done and why. I highly recommend Alexander Family Dentistry." - Ann Gabbert

"Dr. Alexander and her staff are wonderful. The place looks like a cozy spa, complete with your own tv. They are especially patient with those with a 'fear of the dentist'. I developed the fear a couple of years ago. After a few visits my shaking like a leaf has stopped. So, if you have to go to the dentist, this place is your best bet for a good experience." - Lisa Parker

"The entire staff at Alexander Family Dentistry is AMAZING! Dr. Alexander is fabulous with adults as well as children. My two children (ages 7 and 9) now love coming to the dentist to see Dr. Alexander! She worked us right in when we had a dental emergency with one of the kids. I can't say enough good things about the staff and about Dr. Alexander!" - Cassie Eskew

"Dr. Alexander is very thorough and thoughtful. She is very knowledgeable and has a great network of specialist that she uses which makes combined treatments seamless." - Francis Mathis

"I absolutely love this place!!! I have never been to a dentist office that made me feel like family until now!!! My 3 year old even enjoyed her 1st visit as well! The facility is very clean and presentable. Dr. Alexander and her staff made sure we both were comfortable and well informed regarding our overall dental health." -Felecia Turner

"Dr. Alexander and her staff are Nirvana." - Chris Bailey

"My experience with Alexander Family Dentistry has been excellent. The technicians are very professional and through and have taken care of all of my dental needs in a very satisfactory manner. The atmosphere is so relaxing that it is always a pleasure to visit the office. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a highly qualified dentist!" - Sallye Clifford

"I have recently gotten to know Dr. Alexander and Annette, her front desk person and “right-hand man.” While I have not yet become a patient (I live on the other side of town), I am struck by how personable they are, and how much they seem to genuinely care about their patients. I wish they were closer!" - Scott Kaufman

"Tender, loving and great dental care! Dr. Alexander and her team go above and beyond to make a nervous patient relaxed and calm. Annette at the front desk is so pleasant and warming walking in the door (and bills are accurate). The dental hygienists are sweet, kind and thorough w their cleaning. Then it's Dr. Alexander and her assistant. What can I say? They are extremely thorough with their dental work. They are soothing, comforting and kind when I was a nervous patient. I will continue to travel 1 hr and 15minutes for their dental care. I spread this information to all friends and family in the area. Dr. ALexander...thx you so much." - Denise Kirkpatrick

"Dr. Alexander and her staff, Annette, Jackie, Terie, Miranda, Sam, and others, are amazing.
Let me start out by stating the atmosphere is so welcoming. The staff is upbeat and always in motion. Annette and Jackie are two bright and beautiful ladies who welcome you by and with a smile. Dr. Alexander puts effort into every detail of her office to give off a relaxing spa feeling. Water is available when needed. Relaxing sounds soothe you as you lay back in a chair with a choice of pillow and/or blanket for comfort.
You are then walked back by Terie, Miranda, or another warm hygienist in this office. They then get to know you, learn about previous experiences, and take that information to provide the best quality of care given.
My personal experience has been the best from day one. I have CRPS, and they have made sure I comfortable in the chair throughout the visit. Due to past health issues and bad experiences, I had put off seeing a dentist in about 8-10 years (Do NOT neglect your visits!). There is ZERO judgment in this office. The visit is about you and what you want to accomplish with your dental health. She provides each patient with details that are within the scope you wish to accomplish.
If your insurance does not cover what you need, or if the price is still higher than you like, they have options. If you are unable to go through with services provided, due to any circumstance, you are still going to be honestly informed. If dental insurance jargon rattles your brain, go to their staff! They will help provide information to get you in the right direction. She does not charge for things she does not do. She will get on the phone herself with insurance to make sure they do not fail in what they say they will cover. Annette has previous experience from working in the back which only serves you, the patient, more so when billing your insurance company.
Dr. Alexander also takes her time to teach her hygienists on what she doing, why she is doing it, and also encourages hygienists to learn and grow. I find it very important to have open communication among all staff member, and these lovely people work in such unity.
I could go on, but you should make it an effort to find out for yourself! Thank you, Dr. Alexander and staff. I will see you soon!" - Stephanie Quinn

"Not a dread to go to the dentist! Dr. Alexander delivers a passion for both dental care and patient comfort. My wife was traumatized by her achy tooth that wasn't properly treated and so avoided going to the dentist for years. Dr. Alexander corrected the tooth and now my wife can chew pain-free. I am currently going through Invisalign and appreciate that Dr. Alexander and her very talented staff always make the time to listen to my questions and concerns however busy they may be." - Brian Hayes

"This is such an amazing practice. I love the Dr. Alexander..she's an expert at what she does and makes me feel completely at ease with her confidence and knowledge as a Dentist. Dr. Alexander's staff are just as amazing...Khorie and Annette always make me feel right at home and take care of me from the moment I walk in the door. I'm completely satisfied with all services. Thank you!" - Dr. Sheila D. Williams

"My experience with Dr. Alexander and her staff over the past year has been exceptional. Dr. Alexander places a heavy focus on patient education which goes a long way towards understanding treatment plans to assist in making decisions. Furthermore, she and her team are always professional, friendly, and courteous which adds a level of comfort to the experience that most wouldn’t expect with a trip to the dentist. Highly recommended!" - Parkinnio Chan

"Going to the dentist has always been one of my biggest phobias until I had my first visit with Dr. Alexander and her crew. Amanda, the super and sweet dental hygienist was so thorough and direct in regards to what specific steps needed to be completed by having a healthy mouth. I am feeling quite confident now that I have faced my biggest fear and if it wasn’t for this practice, I may have continued to go down the spiral of doomed gums and teeth. Annette, the operations manager is so nice (also very thorough in explaining the invoice) and a ray of sunshine. Since we live in West Village, Dr. Alexander’s practice has become part of our family. They are certainly a great addition to our neighborhood. If you decide to become a patient, as an extra benefit, Dr. Alexander is also very well versed in the culinary arena. She has amazing recipes to share on creating the perfect soup. The natural penicillin to cure the flu" - Lousie Gordon

"I absolutely love this dentist office. Awesome staff very professional and knowledgeable. Khori, Annette, and Dr. Alexander thanks for providing top-notch care and a superior world-class customer experience." - Tia Melvin

"Annette is so wonderful when I spoke to her the first time she made me feel so comfortable about my consultation with the dentist I feel that this is the place I need to go for my dental treatment. Annette is truly amazing she is a treasure and also an asset for this dental office. I will recommend anyone to this office because of Annette." - Camina Cornelius

"The dentist here is phenomenal! She was the first dentist in five years to listen to what I had to say and develop a plan to help me with the issues I was encountering. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing, a plus if you're not fond of seeing the dentist. The office recently had a turnover in its hygienists. On my most recent visit, the hygienist did not do a great job dealing with my gum sensitivity, which was definitely a damper on the regular appointment." - Brittany Robinson

"Alexander Family Dentistry is hands down superb! The staff are extremely friendly and professional, it is effortless to schedule an appointment, and Dr. Alexander is phenomenal! I highly recommend you see for yourself how outstanding this practice is." - Nolenda Stafford

"I started seeing Dr. Alexander 6 months ago when she took over the practice of my former dentist. I feel like I know Dr. Alexander better in 6 months than I did my former dentist who I had been seeing for 3-4 years. I had a crown replaced and Dr. Alexander called me at home that evening to make sure I was okay, something my former dentist never did. Highly recommend her. The office is also beautiful" - Jackie Brewton

"Alexander family dentistry is the best dental office I have ever been to! I have learned more than I ever have to go to the dentist. I love Dr. Alexander and recommend her to anyone I know. Since she took over the practice, each visit is better and better. Thank you to the best dentist and her team." - Sun Shine

"Khorie and Dr. Alexander are amazing!! They make you feel comfortable and satisfy even your unexpressed wishes!" - Rasheem Washington

"I had an amazing experience with the doctor. The office staff is amazing and the employees make my appointment wonderful. Love going here." - Jackie Johnson

"This was my first visit. The staff was professional and caring. The small things they did to ensure my comfort really stood out. They offered a blanket in case I was cold, gave me a bottle of water, handed me sunglasses to wear so that the light didn't bother me and so my eyes were shielded from any splashes. Dr. Alexander clearly explained the procedure and answered my questions thoroughly. Her attention to detail was evident when she decided to take another impression of my teeth to make sure the mold came out perfect. As long as I'm in Atlanta, she'll be my dentist." - Bradley Kimbrell

"I usually get super anxious when going to the dentist. But when I got here, everyone was so supportive and kind. Dr. Alexander was gentle and thorough. I'm very glad I found her!" - Ian Kelley

"I've never met Dr. White, but my understanding is that she left and Dr. Alexander has taken up the practice. Dr. Alexander is a charming and very capable dentist. Her warm, caring manner along with a clean and cozy office environment made for a pleasant visit." - David Link

"I am so happy to have found such a great dentist!!! Dr. Alexander is exceptional in every way and I would recommend her to everyone I know! Her office is beautiful and her staff is the nicest!" - Lida Lovelace

"Absolutely love Dr. Alexander!!! She goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and taken care of! The staff is wonderful and the office is so homey!! She's 10 stars!" - Arameh Shekarlaban

"Imagine having fun at the dentist. Really imagine it. I know it's hard to believe. I never thought I'll enjoy going to the dentist so much. I know I'm not always the easiest to work with but, they never made me feel uncomfortable. In fact, I'm super comfortable here. I love Dr. Hanna! She's my first medical professional to give me her personal number to assist with any concerns. The great thing is I never had to use it. They always take care of me. I wish I could remember everyone's name because they are all helpful. I appreciate all of your hard work. Special shoutout to Aggie for always telling good stories and making me laugh. It's so hard for me not to talk back but it's so good to just listen sometimes (since I can't talk anyway lol). Thanks for all that you did in my process of coming there so often. I already referred several people here. If you don't enjoy your time at the dentist, come here! I literally drive 30 minutes out the way for an appointment with Dr. Hanna and her crew." - Jannell Speight

"Always a great experience!" - Aysha Johnson

"I hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Alexander is one of the best dentists I have had in my 37 years." - Andrew Parsons